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About Us

Elevation Capital Fund is a programmatically managed Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) that trades in the most liquid major currencies, stock indices, bonds and commodities. ECF uses their own proprietary designed Automated Algorithm Trading Systems (AATS) architected, developed, optimized and maintained exclusively for ECF by Elevation Technologies (ET) LLC.

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Our Investment Focus

ECF is using the latest data science disciplines like artificial intelligence and machine learning to test, implement and automate strategies that provide consistent and reliable returns within a controlled risk set-up. ECF has been designed to deliver returns in any market trend or direction and to minimize drawdown risk.

We Are The New Generation

ECF is fully automated. All orders are automatically passed through our proprietary, real-time Automated Algorithm Trading System (AATS) platform and this operates entirely independent of any human intervention during the trades’ lifecycle. The human component is limited exclusively to the monitoring of the trading algorithms that have been implemented on the AATS platform.

Our advantage – human traders can only assess trades and their likely outcomes within a narrow context and it takes time. Computers never get tired and can screen for opportunities, backtest and manage risk in real-time and across all markets covered by our technology.

Liquidity – ECF is able to offer a monthly redemption because the activity of the fund is made up of trades in highly liquid exchange-traded futures and Spot FX.

The trading strategy system enables every BUY and SELL signal to be automatically back-tested on the fly before the trades are placed via APIs with various brokers and exchanges. The system currently covers the highest volume FUTURES (Stock, Bonds, Currencies & Commodities) and spot FX pairs but can be adapted to follow any markets that adequate trading data is available for and has been designed with SCALE in mind. RISK MANAGEMENT is determined by disciplined pre-determined caps and moderate use of leverage designed to give an attractive return with controlled loss and low drawdown.

An additional benefit is that the returns from investments in our system are likely to be completely uncorrelated to most other asset classes that most investors hold in their overall portfolio, leading to reducing the overall portfolio risk as a result.

The ET AATS platform has been operational and actively trading since early 2014 with a solid and consistent average performance exceeding 20%, year on year. Full performance history available on request.



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